FLSCP’s Mission

The mission of FLSCP is to inform, educate and advocate on behalf of medical professionals who are involved in or, interested in becoming involved in, the developing field of medical cannabis.  The medical cannabis industry in Florida is the subject of rapidly changing laws and regulations that will ultimately affect medical professionals and the way they do business in the state.  Because medical cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug as defined by the United States Controlled Substances Act and because the Florida Medical Association has publicly declared its opposition to medical cannabis as a treatment option in Florida, FLSCP believes that unity among medical professionals is important to further efforts to shape laws and regulations in a way that protects medical professionals from unnecessary liability and onerous regulations.  Put simply, FLSCP focuses on issues specific to its core constituency as opposed to general “access advocacy” that other medical cannabis associations are championing.  To achieve this end, FLSCP communicates with and educates Florida State government officials, from the perspective of medical professionals, as to the implications of the laws and regulations being considered and how they might impact the medical field.

Additionally, FLSCP will advocate for the allocation of funds toward peer-reviewed medical cannabis research.  The Director of the Office of Compassionate Use estimated that 300,000-600,000 patients will qualify for medical cannabis under Article X, Section 29 of the Florida Constitution (formerly Amendment 2).  The current group of Florida-licensed, medical cannabis dispensing physicians cannot effectively provide medical cannabis to their patients without the support, clarity and direction of the State of Florida.


The FLSCP team is strategically and uniquely positioned to advise on a full array of legal questions related to the developing medical cannabis industry in Florida. The practice group is composed of and supported by attorneys specializing or experienced in matters related to administrative compliance, business entity formation and corporate governance, government relations, intellectual property, labor and employment, healthcare law, and physician and group practice representations.  FLSCP may also host fundraising, networking, or educational events.